Tickets for QPR and Manchester City

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Tickets for QPR and Manchester City

Post by Mattyf » Thu Oct 06, 2011 3:46 pm

Hello firstly i would like to state 3 things which will probably alienate me from this forum..

1. I am not a Qpr fan, I am not really a football fan. I was brought up in south London and my local team was Crystal Palace, so went to see them a lot when growing up, thinking about it that is probably what drove me to not be a football fan..

2. I am on this forum to try and find out the best way to get tickets to watch QPR vs Man City for my girlfriends friends and family.. they are German (bad), but in their little town they all have QPR as their team (good, but random)..

3. I am honestly looking for someone who could help me get a few tickets for this game, but i imagine that they are probably almost sold out, and that it would be near impossible to get tickets, but i would be willing to pay for them obviously, and offer a little bit extra for you..

So here are the details my girlfriends dad and her brother and some of their friends from the small town are all coming over on thursday night, leaving sunday, they booked up this weekend and left me to get the tickets, i didnt realise how difficult it would be as the last game i went to was Crystal Palace v Norwich years back, and that was pretty easy to get tickets. But alas i need to get about 6 tickets and that is proving to be nigh on impossible through the box office without being a member.
And i know fully well that members do deserve the privelidge, i was wondering if someone could help me out and get tickets if they are a member and have tickets they are not planning on getting.
I know there is no reason to, so i guess i am asking if anyone fancies helping not just me out, but some fellow QPR fans from germany..

So what could i offer, i would be willing to pay for the tickets in cash in person, and would also be willing to pay above face value, i am not made of money so if its really extorniate i couldnt afford it. But realistically about £5 extra on each ticket. Also i work in a fashion head office, so there would be the possibility for me to land a couple of new polo shirts as part of the deal..

Worth a try i guess, i hope i am not just going to be abused for this post..
take it easy on me guys...

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