Donations 2010/2011 season

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Donations 2010/2011 season

Post by DG » Sat Jul 31, 2010 4:26 pm

Many of you are aware that the funding for this forum’s hosting is helped by kind donations from members. I do have a few monthly contributions, for which I am very grateful, but these do not go anywhere near to covering the server costs.

Consequently this is a request for fund raising to support the hosting of the board and towards the other costs such as the Chat room. (At present this has been downgraded to a free version with very basic features due to lack of funds)

From time to time I get offers of sponsorship from individuals/companies who wish to take what amounts to being a ‘controlling interest’ in the board, i.e. become sole sponsors I have always resisted this and will continue to do so. I much prefer the notion that lots of folk can contribute small amounts that they can afford without causing themselves financial pain.

So, if you can spare a something either as a one-off donation or a small amount each month then great. It doesn't matter if it's 50p or £50. Every penny counts. Details of the mechanisms – Paypal, monthly debit or by cheque/cash – are here:

If you do donate you have the option of the “2010/11 Sponsor” logo under your name, which will be inaugurated early after the start of the season. I know some folk that donate prefer to remain anonymous in this respect so please let me know your wishes. Also if you send a cheque or cash please remember to let me know your username so I can send you a message and thank you personally and add the Sponsor logo if you want it.

Thank you in advance to anyone who makes a donation, it is greatly appreciated and will secure the long term future of the forum.

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