Quick, jump in - our saviors been released, by Stoke

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Quick, jump in - our saviors been released, by Stoke

Post by Stans left foot » Tue Jun 01, 2021 6:39 pm

I find myself daring to suggest this

Cousins has been released by Stoke

thereby hangs the tale.....or even tail.

If ever one season or maybe two, when measured by clubs of a lower ilk, I'm talking Charlton here, bestow "player of the season" award on a player the message is, beware. !!

I'm feeling we were burned there - I never saw a decent game out the bloke and by recollection the best reports I recall were of him "running around a lot".

When he joined Stoke the fans were....shall we say underwhelmed....

One report stated that "we've sunk that low we're now taking cast offs from QPR"
well, be fair they did have a point. Dear old Stoke, the paradox of 2000's English football, one of the worlds richest women owners and having to take Cousins, you can see their point indeed.

If ever in need a of new reading I highly recommend "The Oatcake" ( web page )
theres a combination of insightful footballing nonsense, foul language, huge following/input and comment and best of all some cracking one liners. However the abuse sent toward Cousins over his small, under whelming tenure there was at best cruel.

In the end I bet the bloke was glad to get a way out.....
How those heady days of Charlton must linger....
"Fing Poo Wah" ( your comments are as much interest to me as a dogs fart ).

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