Warnocks team vs Holloways

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Re: Warnocks team vs Holloways

Post by Satch » Mon May 15, 2017 5:08 pm

I wouldn't have gone for Holloway either. Tbh, i don't know what to do with him now. I'm loath to fire another manager, but he looks clueless and i'm even more worried he'll get the boot ten games into next season repeating this absurd cycle.

You're right it isn't easy, you can't run a club this badly for the best part of a quarter of a century and just flick a switch. When you want to do things properly. i do think it's a shame that people like Hoos and Ferdinand had come in with the first wave of investment. It wouldn't have been as dramatic, but with the money spent and time, we'd be in much better shape as a viable entity. I'm worried about losing those two, they seem to be the common sense. Which isn't making for a fun 'now' but is probably stopping us imploding imo and giving some hope we will have another crack at promotion some when.

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