If you have ever sent money to support this mb...

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If you have ever sent money to support this mb...

Post by DG » Fri Sep 07, 2007 10:09 pm

..and would like an acknowledgment via a dot.org sponsor iconette above your avatar, the good news is - the technicalities are now fixed! (I fixed it in the end. The American hosts were worse than useless.... :? )

Any road up - if you have sent money via any means - cheque/cash to the PO Box, PayPal or indeed in my hand at games - and you would like to be known as such please remind me who you are via pm, email, txt or phone call.

I know that I should have kept a list but I didn't. In fairness it is a complex set of donors!

Let me know people. You thoroughly deserve it. PM or email obviously.

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