Time to think

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Time to think

Post by dm » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:19 am

If you've read Inverting the Pyramid you'll know Jonathan Wilson is not only a great football writer but also a master of the history of football tactics. In his article today; 'Football's rare pause for thought gives coaches time for inspiration' https://www.theguardian.com/football/bl ... nspiration he muses on whether managers will use this hiatus to come up with innovative ways of playing, particularly around how to beat the popular high press.

It got me wondering what Warburton et al might be thinking about during this time? Of course, they'll be dealing with all the challenges and uncertainty facing us all at this time, but I'm sure they'll also be looking ahead to the next season or two, and particularly how to get the best out of the players we'll have and hope to have.

Will we see changes in style and formation next season? He's become a bit more pragmatic through the season and is happy to play long at times. I feel the 4231 has served us well but Warburton says his favourite is 433. One thing occurs to me in our existing and U23 squads is that we lack height but possess speed. How might that affect future tactics?

old pauline
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Re: Time to think

Post by old pauline » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:11 pm

I think the movement towards ball retention when in possession, the high press, counter attacks when the oppo f*ck up in midfield or from corners etc will continue for some time. Its really effective and if implemented well then it really has no weaknesses. One thing which I think will come back however is long goal kicks. The top Spanish teams are doing them more, particularly when the oppo only have one or two players back and if the keeper can spear them with a low trajectory then it makes it harder for centre backs to head them clear. Apart from that I think we will continue to see the teams with technical midfielders and forwards who can unlock a defence doing well so I don't see it being a major problem that we don't have too many tall U23 midfielders and forwards in our ranks. So long as they have the speed and enough power.
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