Naki loan move?

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Re: Naki loan move?

Post by Devonranger » Sat Aug 10, 2019 9:18 am

I kept belief in Matk Hughes and it has haunted me ever since ....

Considering the club has shipped out Smithies, Freeman, Luongo, Furlong, Matt Smith, Lynch, Wzolek, Cousins Bidwell and others in the last couple of seasons, I think the work done over the summer looks pretty positive.

Always nicer to have your own players but FFP and the way football is structured currently limits what we can do - the likes of Amos, Smith, Hugill and Wells would have cost an absolute fortune in fees and permanent wages.

There also seems to be a positive attitude and mentality instilled amongst the squad.

Warburton is making positive use of our own young players - Manning is in the team on merit, and giving Smyth maximum game time on loan seems a sensible move.

Listening to Warburton's comments reminds me alot of the direction coaching is meant to be taking in this country, and he seems open minded enough to be able to bring variation to his gameplans.

Today may yield a different view but I still remain excited in anticipation to see what happens.

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