Just back

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White Duck
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Just back

Post by White Duck » Wed Mar 13, 2019 11:39 pm

That was thoroughly predictable.

SMc's team selection was predictably hopeless: how Cousins and Hemed remained in the team after Saturday and a fit Cameron was only on the bench was a mystery.

Our slow plodding no pressing start was also predictable. No urgency, no pressure, no energy: we only raised the tempo after they scored.

What has happened to our players over the last 10 weeks? Decent players look scared to receive the ball, and when they do get it they get rid of it as quickly as possible, or lose possession easily. Our passing tonight was appalling.

Hemed is not fit for purpose: one shot all game and literally nothing else. Freeman had probably his worst game for us: hardly anything seemed to work for him tonight. He must be incredibly frustrated having to play in such a poor team. Luongo and Cousins were really bad: time and time again they gave away possession. Furlong was having a poor game before he stupidly gave away the free kick at the end: brainless. Thought Lumley was poor for their winner: started to come for the cross then was caught out by the header. Eze was once again ineffectual: the lad looks a shadow of the player he was earlier this season.

On a positive note BOS was our best player by a mile: direct and always looking to have a go at their defence. Deserved his goal. Pav showed why he should have been in the starting line up by immediately creating the goal when he came on. Leistner was solid enough.

For me this is a team that is stale and flat without leadership or inspiration: our current manager isn't showing any signs he is able to get the best out of the players we have. If the coaching is as wonderful as some believe it's not transferring onto the pitch. We are sleepwalking towards the bottom end of the table and relying on other teams not catching us.

The malaise on the pitch is spreading to the stands: no atmosphere tonight and even the boos at full time were half hearted. Fair play to the 100 or so Rotherham fans who went though: made some noise and saw their side get a deserved win.
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old pauline
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Re: Just back

Post by old pauline » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:03 am

Can't disagree with any of that (though I thought Luongo played quite well and I like him in the role).

Going back to Hemed, I really think the lack a of a genuine no. 9 is taking its toll. I think its sapping the team. My own view is that Matt Smith is the best man for the job in current circumstances but he is obviously injured now so we seem to be trying to make do up there. What worries me slightly more is that none of our youngsters who are coming through, as promising as they are, tick the traditional number nine box and I'm not sure there are many knocking around in the lower divisions that we would be able to pick up.
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Re: Just back

Post by bigbobb » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:08 am

agree with a lot of that but not about Luongo.

Mass won so many tackles and battled hard all night but had no support or people making themselves available - it invariably looks bad for the player making a pass that is taken by the opposition but often it is down to the receiver not moving to be ready for the pass.

We just had no one making themselves truly available when we won possession - something that was happening earlier in the season when we would get the ball and you could see other players eager to help.
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Esox Lucius
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Re: Just back

Post by Esox Lucius » Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:30 pm

Luongo was the only (starting) player on our side to come off the pitch with any credit. When Hemed failed to jump for a ball in the first minutes it more or less summed up his game and much later in the game Eze hit a lovely ball into the channel in front of him it was completely wasted as he was running towards his marker. :roll: It's also hard to stomach just how poor Furlong has become, if it wasn't for his heading and throw ins he would have nothing. It was really noticeable how poor he was without Pav in front of him doing his defensive duties as BOS was no help at all in that area.
A 3/10 performance last night and that's me done with QPR

until the Bolton game.
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