How did that happen....?

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Stans left foot
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How did that happen....?

Post by Stans left foot » Wed Apr 11, 2018 2:42 pm

When I say "just back" it's relative in that I was back late after the game then out early doors this morning.

Fact is, on reflection I have no idea even now how we ever go to be 3:0 up in 15 minutes. Sadly, despite 3 hours in the car out and 3 hours back I heard no mention of our performance on Talkspout. Maybe we picked a bad day with the Liverpool, Barcelona and Villla results but even so, no mention of the Mighty Rangers getting 3 is 15 for what, the first time in 100 years?

Got to say I felt for the Wednesday supporters, it's a fair old trek and even leaving at 10-30 I bet many weren't home much before 2.30. I say that on the basis that to see your team 3.0nil down in 15 is a right pisser and we've all been there ( Watford games as I recall, Ainsworth was sub talking to us on the 1/2 way line as the 3rd went in - for them) Wednesdays woes were there for all to see, stand in keeper, poor effort for the first, uninspiring throughout looked like he could let one in at any time. ( Westwood is injured as their 1st choice apparently ) Their No 17 CF was tippy toeing around and to be fair to the bloke 1 effort apart I'd feel guilty collecting my money at the end of the week with that kind of performance. He was a big lump and should at least put in some effort. Even making a nuisance of himself and maybe generating a card, but no, nowt.

I focus on that as it may well be that Wednesday downfall was of their own doing. I don't think it was that we were particularly good, it's just that 3 chances yielded 3 goals and they almost gave up.

5.0 at half time wouldn't have flattered.

As for us. Defensively we got too easily pulled about around the edges but I thought Furlong, 1 or 2 lapses apart did very well. The odd team selection which to be fair, has become Holloways hall mark, looked ominous for KO but what a surprise !! Sylla I single out simply because the guy is obviously light-weight in approach and languid probably best describes him. Having said that he'll then spend 5 or so minutes every 15 or so chasing and harrying their back line. Rather odd, then amble about again.
Elsewhere we looked good, and for one of the few times I've seen him Osayi-Samuel put in the kind of shift you'd want from Sylla. A bit unlucky but shows great promise.
Considering the malfunctioning team selection - and subs of course - I thought we held up well over 90 mins and despite a couple of "lucky" Wednesday attacks they grabbed a couple back. However they too never rushed or harried to any great extent and although I haven't checked the SW message board I'd have been more than depressed at their collective effort.

My overall reflection is how far we've come over the season. Youth is now an integral part of the set up and long may it remain so. At long last I feel I can associate with the team on the pitch and the effort they put in. Just those team selections which are perhaps understandable at this end of the season.

Finally the Andy Sinton eulogy was just right and touching for all who were there. RW whichever way you odd's it was a major presence in our club and was rightly recognized as such.

You Rrrrrs etc
"Fing Poo Wah" ( your comments are as much interest to me as a dogs fart ).

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Re: How did that happen....?

Post by Devonranger » Wed Apr 11, 2018 3:43 pm

Thanks Stan - nice summary.

The introduction of the younger players gives us some proper pace and energy - not bad either considering Holloway can rotate the likes of Eze, Smyth, Samuel, Oteh and Chair

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Re: How did that happen....?

Post by Hoop'83 » Wed Apr 11, 2018 10:28 pm

The pace is so important, something we've lacked massively the last few years. We looked so much more dangerous up top with Smyth last night.

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