John McLelland

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Re: John McLelland

Post by kernowhoop » Sat Feb 17, 2018 8:41 am

kernowhoop wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2018 5:19 pm
Stans left foot wrote:
Fri Feb 16, 2018 3:59 pm
although I dislike ( hate is too strong a word for it ) but lets just say dislike, Watford with a vengeance I must admit having a soft spot for Graham Taylor

he was "old school" and when my wife and I had just got married we lived close to Vicarage Road, it's thanks to him he made our lives hell as, once he'd taken over, Watford started to climb and progress - in short until then car parking outside my house was easy on match day - no more

I'd gone down to see Rangers reserves play Watford ( pre Harrow Borough games ) @ Merchant Taylors in Northwood one evening. he was standing around and larking with some local kids there to cheer Watty on. I don't think you'd see that nowadays from any manager, but he was always approachable and friendly. One of my fiends also had Lloyd Doily renting a room - Llloyd was still a teenager in those days and Taylor would phone her up at 10.00 every Saturday night to confirm he was in - always said yes, always wasn't.

It therefore pisses me off greatly that, not only did we try and sign Lloyd - and fail - but the only professional goal he ever scored - a stonker - was against us at Vicarage Road. :roll:

My Dad took me to my first game - Stock/Gregory era circa 1955/56 time, Morgan Bros etc - v Grimsby as I recall, I was 5 or 6. In those days too there was a big Shepherds Bush Market, big enough for my Mum and I to be left shopping while Dad went to the game.... :shock:

One thing that stays with you over a lifetime, those clubs that were shitty and horrible, either by playing staff, manager or attitude are still the same 50+ years later. :oops:
No name, no pack drill...... you know who you are :lol:
I was at that game at Watford. But, was it the one where it poured with rain relentlessly and we lost 3-0, or, was it the one where Magilton had the falling out with our star player? Or, have I muddled up the two games?

I have the answer to my own question - part of it, at least. Doyley's goal was scored in December 2009, in the Sousa era. I am pretty sure that the game when it poured continuously was an early season game. Whatever the dates, I can remember going to away games at Watford twice... and losing on both occasions.
It's simple. Score more goals than they do.

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