Holloway interview after the game

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Re: Holloway interview after the game

Post by mexhoop » Fri Dec 01, 2017 12:53 pm

Are football supporters fans, or customers? I remember going into London seeing a game standing on the terrace, and after a coke and a bag of crisps still having change from a tenner, but things have changed in this modern customer service 100% satisfaction or your money back world that we live in, as customers we spend far more money on a game and when we hand over our hard earned, we expect nothing less than perfection, if a tin of peas are off, we know there's not even going to be a quibble, just pop back to the store and a new tin of peas and a grovelling apology is waiting for you, so we have become like spoilt kids, if we don't get the product or service exactly how we expect it to be, the toys come flying out of the pram, but football can't satisfy everyone by it's very nature.
In Mexico (forgive me if this isn't the first time I have mentioned this) fans play a different role they chant and sing more when a goal is let in, to show support, I also remember a conversation I had about a player, I said he was poor and hoped he would be sold, the reaction was a hushed silence, looking back they probably thought I made a mistake with my Spanish, later in the conversation the same player came up, I reiterated my stance and this time, with a look of genuine confusion the reply came back, "Sorry I thought you supported our team".
So what is our role to be 100% behind the team unconditionally, or to boo players in the hopes that it will buck them up or better still encourage the manager to make a change?
It's hard to say who's right or wrong, I've left early and missed late goals, but I've only ever thought, Fantastic the result wasn't as bad as I expected, it never upset me.

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