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Post by Thetford ranger » Fri Nov 24, 2017 6:18 pm

I’ve recently read alot on here about Tactics just out of curiosity what would everyone like to see is play, personally I like the current formation of 3 5 2 when going forwards and 5 3 2 when defending
But I do love 4 5 1 and split to a 4 3 3 when going forwards

I would love to have everyone fit and play the Following






Alternative being bring Washington on with 25 mins to go and play through balls to use his speed

I’ve watched a lot of football this season I love that we press and Defend from the front but however I think I real issue we have is we try to be too nice at times we need to help that ball forward not play like a Sam Allardyce dude and lump it at every opportunity but just keep the ball on the deck and play forward make the opposing team worry about us rather than us think how they can hurt us just my opinion food for though

Also I know there is a user who will comment about spelling or use of grammar please can we just focus on what point has been put across rather than getting picky appreciated :D

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