Different fondle

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Different fondle

Post by Stans left foot » Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:45 am

I had the misfortune to take 6 guests along last night
( cost £1300 can you believe )

some of them of a view that Newcastle - although a superior team, were never let off by Rangers who continued to try.

Being generous I guess that's true, Washington for instance never stopped running, Chery did his best despite an early whack ( we should surely have been our plan for Shelvey?) but however much you try and talk it up we were dreadful.

Fact is Cousins may like playing "in the hole" behind the front 2 or 3 and ahead of our defence but if your not engaging with their attacking midfield then why bother.
Washington may also like running around a lot but I've never seen him look like scoring, last night or any other night.

Quite how we got to be so dreadful is in the hands of the management. OK we may have lost Polter to a late fitness test, but explain the logic of playing the high ball into the box? The logic of both Henry and Cousins being unable to engage with Shelvey ( who must still be laughing at the time and freedom we gave him)

Finally, "the pressing game"
No we don't /can't its just a phrase that means nothing, we don't practice it / it doesn't happen.

JFH may talk a good game but in reality are we progressing, I don't think so. Big few weeks/games coming up fall all concerned, but from last night all I got from my guests was sympathy. That's not what I wanted. :oops:
"Fing Poo Wah" ( your comments are as much interest to me as a dogs fart ).

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