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Level 3 dot.orger
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Cafe Uber-Positive Uber-Festive

Post by Parks Queen » Sat May 04, 2013 10:09 pm

Let's get a Hate-List going!
Me, I know jack about the league below but am up for the new adventure.
A whole new world ... "for me to poop on!" as I have a habit of saying.

So in what order do I go pooping on them?
My #1 would be whatever lame team "qprlol" is from.

Haters of the world, UNITE!!! Image

-- WOOF!
Right behind you, Joeybaby. Lace the rainbow, sweet Charlie!
LAS MARIPOSAS! 25 November #16days #orangeurworld #EndVAW @SayNO_UNiTE
“Nearly 1/2 all sexual assaults worldwide against girls aged 15 yrs & younger”
-- Ciaran Donnelly of @theirc

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