Making sense of it all so far

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Making sense of it all so far

Post by 62ndAssassin » Tue Apr 30, 2013 11:34 am

Now that we all know what's happening and any hopes of survival are gone, I feel a strange sense of hope for the future.

Having watched the interview yesterday on QPR player with Tony and Harry I feel that the club is in the right hands. Harry is saying the right things and much of what he says appears to be the way most of us, going forward would like the team to be - in terms of having character, passion and having the kind of players that want to be here and are happy to wear the shirt. Something I haven't seen since the backend of last season.

This season has been probably the most painful I can remember in recent times. I'm old enough to remember the last time we were relegated from the top flight but don't remember it being as woeful as this campaign.

The point I'm making is that maybe relegation was the best thing to happen to us. Tony Fernandes had the look of a man who now understands what it might take to be successful in football or at least not likely to have his pants pulled down again.

Time will tell if that is really the case but I for one am glad that he's sticking around and that yesterday's announcement is not what the sceptics thought it would be. He's been giving a lot of stick for the failings but you cannot question his heart is totally in the right place and he wants the best for the club.

Sincerity in the game at that level is an incredibly rare thing and I believe he'll do right by the club.

Moving forward, whatever happens this summer, whoever we sign or whoever stays and shows the have the stomach for a fight, I will be back at Loftus Road, cheering them on and hoping for a swift return to the big time. I could be wrong and we may repeat the last 16 years before but i don't believe that is the case!

The future's bright, the future's blue and white!

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