yesterdays game

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yesterdays game

Post by dannybecks » Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:43 pm

we arrived early after my son entertained all the other QPR fans on the train down from watford with his huge cheer when it was announced that the next stop was shepherds bush.
we wandered down to the ground and planted ourselves outside the players entrance in South Africa road got a few photos (in the gallery) and lots of autographs and then on to the loft for a few pints with the various pikes and pughs before kick off.

the match.

i thought we played ok we seemed to lack the cutting edge to finish we were sat in the front row of the loft directly behind the goal and had an excellent view of both goals.

blackpool's goal was comical as in our defence seemed to go completely to sleep and watch the ball trickle over the line.

our goal looked fantastic but was clearly a attempt at a cross, ramage deserved the mom i felt especially after that.

thought borrowdale was ok nothing spectacular but went about his job well. Helgusson seemed totally off the pace and seemed to lack any inspiration as did ageymang, first to the ball but then didn't know what to do with it apart from one peach of a cross that vine volley wide. when ageymang lost the ball there was no attempt to win it back just a half shrug and a jog back to position. this disapointed me the most.
Rowlands was clearly in control of the midfield and his departure through injury showed a definite weakness in mahons ability to hold the ball and distribute it well or allow taarbt to do his thing. The crowd errupted when Buzacky came on Jacks favorite player and he joined in the chant which got him a letter sent home from nursery as an unacceptable song for a 3 year old to be singing at school - teacher must be a watford fan!

i felt overall we had done enough to win but still we need a poacher up front to tap in all the loose balls and rebounds that vine, helgusson and ageymang just cannot get to.
On the way back to watford there were a few blackpool fans on the train who felt that they were lucky to get a point and weren't going to complain with that although they were not happy with the 'away' style Holloway played of long ball and hard tackling. they weren't too optimistic when a fellow R pointed out that it wasn't an away style of play but Holloways general style.(legend) :lol:

Also £3.00 for a hotdog and £2.20 for a bag of fruit pastilles is shockingly expensive.
Ahhh . . . I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again

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Post by Markybabar » Sun Aug 09, 2009 1:38 pm

Pretty much agree with everything you've said.

Where I was sat in the loft, the general feeling was 'same old story' and not enough firepower up front.

Time will tell if the goals will ultimately come from midfield this season.

On a personal note, before the game I met Ian Holloway and got his autograph and met the legend that is Stan Bowles outside SAR.

I got his autograph and was delighted to have a short chat with him amoung the masses of R's fans that had massed around him.

He ironically said to us sll 'bloody hell, I didn't realise I was so popular!'

Personal highlight of my QPR supporting lifetime.

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