QPR v Southampton 3-0

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Post by DAVEf » Sat Aug 01, 2009 7:59 pm

Whether or not we start with Gorkss and Stewart I would expect them to end up as the first choice partnership (with Connolly on the bench as cover for all defensive positions) as JM (as with previous managers) realises that there is perhaps less to Fitz Hall's defensive capabilities than his demeanour implies.

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Post by ben » Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:50 am

Football being all about opinions, here are a few of mine from yesterday's game. I must just start however, by saying, that, by the looks of it, Southampton are in for a long, hard season!

MARSHALL. Looks like a more than capable back-up keeper. Came out for crosses when necessary. I like the fact that he was very verbal with the defense etc. If I was playing in front of him he would give me confidence.

Playing as we do, thank goodness, ball to feet, building up from the back, feeding it through to the wide men etc rather than just lump it forward, the fullbacks, as we all know, are key positions. Whilst appreciating, that first and for-most they are there to defend, distribution is so important when the ball is constantly being rolled out to them.

BORROWDALE. Judging by some of what has been written, the fact that he couldn't get a game last season, the Brighton reports etc, I was fully expecting to be disappointed. However, didn't do anything wrong for me. Needs a bit of confidence but looked comfortable enough on the ball. I would be okay with him starting next week.

RAMAGE. Defending wise passable. A big heart. Unfortunately distribution, crosses etc I have no confidence in him at all I'm afraid.

BALANTA. Well, what can I say. We have got a little diamond there. For me he MUST start next week. Full of confidence and knows where the back of the net is.

TAARABT. Wow we are in for some fun with him again this season. A real coup getting him for the season. Liked the position that he played in yesterday through the middle.

Finally MAGILTON. Have to say like many, he was not who I was expecting and was distinctly underwhelmed at his appointment. Thus far though, I like what I have seen and heard. I was actually not expecting him to have such an air of authority about him! As we have all already said, lets just hope that 'upstairs' leave him to get on with it.

Anyway, all of this is obviously IMO, but, as per normal at the start of every season I have got high hopes. This really could be OUR year! :D

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