Is it me?

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Is it me?

Post by Stans left foot » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:20 pm

I always pick up on the gossip columns, usually on the BBC to start the day, see who's off where, possible transfer news etc

I've just seen the rumor of Villas Boas off to Real Madrid, got me thinking. - I am right on thinking he was deemed not good enough for Spuds? not so long ago?

He can't have changed that much but Madrid, that's some jump - although having said all that Schteevie has been up and down a few times too. However all these regular managerial changes seem to be in vogue now. I guess Watford started it and Lord knows how found a magic recipe via their Italian links and bingo, 6 managers in 18 months or so is suddenly the way to go. Ditto Chelscum of course, regular changers.

All of which made me reflect on some of the greatest managers around and their combinations. How likely would a Clough and Taylor combo walk through our door? OK its possible, but unlikely. History tells us, no matter how you cut it, either McLaren and his team make a complete balls up of it and could be gone before Christmas, or they do an OK job and stay until his contract ends, or he excels - does a wonderful job, we're top 3 all season and West Brom or Stoke etc come knocking and he's gone, we're left to sort ourselves out and find another miracle worker, thus far, unlikely.

Which ever way you odds it, money and owners ambitions have screwed what was once a more stable, viable sport/business.

I well remember Man City ( with Tony Book as trainer ) coming down to Loftus Road, Kevin G put 2 past their fat goalie and he went off before 1/2 time, we were 3 nil up by memory and he didn't fancy it and walked ( :roll: ), anyhow it wasn't that long ago, but compare Man City now and then, plus us, now and then. Just what make the difference?

Owners, investment, balls, luck, strategy, managers, hype?

Historically I'd like to think it was good owners hooking up and recognizing a good manager and sticking with him to make a difference to their club:

Clough apart, I'm thinking Bill Nicholson, Graham Taylor, John Lyle, Ferguson, and for us, Alex Stock. Sadly I don't think major change occurs with the run of the mill others like Redknapp, Pulis, and "I don't know why I'm here" Hodgson.....or am I wrong?
"Fing Poo Wah" ( your comments are as much interest to me as a dogs fart ).

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