post-Birmingham notes and queries

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post-Birmingham notes and queries

Post by stainrod's elbow » Sat Feb 18, 2017 11:50 pm

1. Interesting to see Luongo dropping to the bench now Freeman has come in, and that's not even factoring Goss into the picture. (Is he still getting fit?)

2. I've favoured the idea of trying a Smith/Sylla front two at some stage, but have to admit, despite not being his No.1 fan, Washington has made himself undroppable of late, now he's finally finding the onion bag. If they can make that partnership work, then a run of games is now needed to polish the diamond (even if we're not playing one :) ).

3. A shout-for the aforementioned Freeman - supplied super corner for the Smith goal, and nearly repeated the trick in the 2nd half. He does seem like an astute addition - IH identifying the lack of creativity in our midfield, and doing something (affordable) about it.

4. I assume, and hope, Morrison will be pushing hard for a 1st team place soon. Him, Freeman + Goss could, I fancy, do some real damage at this level. (If he fails in his 2nd stint in the Rangers, he looks like things will have taken a Taarabt-esque turn for him, which I presume he'd rather avoid.)
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