Hoos on UEFA/FIFA inaction following the alleged racist abuse during the U18 game

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Hoos on UEFA/FIFA inaction following the alleged racist abuse during the U18 game

Post by Mr Beef » Wed Oct 30, 2019 7:26 pm

Says it all about the priority that dealing with racism has for UEFA and FIFA. Absolutely shameful. Fair play to Hoos for speaking out about it.


QPR chief executive Lee Hoos says allegations of racist abuse against his club's players have been "swept under the carpet" by Uefa and Fifa.

Hoos says the Championship club are still awaiting a decision 10 weeks after their Under-18s side walked off the field during a game in Spain.

It is alleged that players from AD Nervion racially abused QPR players during the friendly on 8 August.

QPR say they initially reported the incident to Fifa on 15 August.

"There were a substantial number of people within the game who warned me at the time that this issue would be swept under the carpet and I am appalled to see this appears to be the case," Hoos said in a statement.

"I am disgusted, embarrassed and dismayed to call them our governing bodies when they are incapable of governing."

Rangers say world governing body Fifa took seven weeks to confirm receipt of the club's complaint before passing it back to European governing body Uefa on 9 October.

Hoos' comments come a day after Bulgaria were ordered to play two games behind closed doors and fined 75,000 euros (£65,000) after racist chants during a European Championship qualifier in Sofia on 14 October.

"Uefa have dealt with this one issue of blatant racism but both Fifa and Uefa seem to treat complaints about racism like a complaint about a broken seat in a stadium," Hoos added.

"I am left confused, frustrated and incredibly angry that more than 10 weeks after we lodged our complaint of racism, we are still awaiting a decision.

"Incredibly, despite the seriousness of this issue, it took seven weeks and the personal intervention of Greg Clarke - the chairman of the FA and vice-chairman of Fifa - to get a response from Fifa."

The BBC has approached Uefa and Fifa for a response to the claims.

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Re: Hoos on UEFA/FIFA inaction following the alleged racist abuse during the U18 game

Post by Satch » Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:28 am

This doesn't surprise me at all, sadly.

UEFA & FIFA don't want to deal with this issue imo. I genuinely feel they see it as an unavoidable part of the game that they have to make token gestures towards whenever it's too public and blatant to avoid. I hope we make this difficult for them.

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